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Whether you’ve recently moved into a new office or want to renovate a heritage building, or upgrade an existing system our team of experts can assist with all of your commercial air conditioning installation needs.  Our dedicated Install team can assist you with every step of the project, from audits, design, to installing the ducts and air conditioning units and everything in between. Choose North West Air Conditioning for reliable quality commercial airconditioning installers.

Our commercial air conditioning installation projects throughout Melbourne include:

  • Schools
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Offices

Our team have over 100 years combined experience within the Industrial Air Conditioning Installation industry. Their knowledge and understanding of systems, operations and design is second to none.

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Regardless of your commercial or industrial space, we can help you outfit it with a high-quality air-conditioning and/or heating system. Take the time to browse our range of completed projects to see for yourself the standard and range of our work.


Thanks to Chris and Nick, North West Airconditioning Service, we may survive the next few days of heat here at Foundation HQ...would that our neighbourhood socially disabled friends could have the same cooling, calming access.

Father Bob, Foundation HQ