Why You Need Routine Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance/Regular Servicing

Having regular commercial air conditioning maintenance checks performed is a vital part of extending the life of your units.

In the extreme Melbourne weather, heating and air conditioning in any office/ industrial/  commercial building is essential.  It will improve the air quality and generally make life much more comfortable for staff on site. System break downs are very disruptive to business as well as effecting the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors to your premises.

Scheduling a routine industrial air conditioning Maintenance Program can extend the life of your air-conditioning units, may prevent any small issues becoming larger more costly issues and could end up save you money on unexpected repairs and replacements in the long run.

For commercial air conditioning maintenance in Melbourne, North West Air Conditioning Service has you covered. We will run system checks on each part of your air-conditioning units to ensure everything functions as it should.

The importance of a Regular Service to your Airconditioning and Heating

A periodic commercial air conditioning service can prevent dirt build up and performance issues. With so many small pieces, air-conditioning units require cleaning and maintenance to perform optimally.

For example a faulty system will use the same amount of electricity, but you will not see the same output. This means you will constantly turn up your aircon and use more electricity. If you experience this, you might have clogged air filters which can in turn lead to larger issues within the unit and cause catastrophic damage.

Regular industrial air-conditioning Service is one way to prevent serious issues from arising in the future. During scheduled maintenance, we often diagnose and repair small issues, preventing large more expensive issues occurring. Finding them early means they are still easy to fix and are less likely to cause permanent damage.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable company with decades of experience in commercial air conditioning servicing, North West Air Conditioning Service has you covered for any situation. We have years of experience with commercial air conditioning service around Melbourne.

Contact us for a Quote for a Programmed Commercial Air conditioner Maintenance Contract for your office/ commercial building.  Once you enter into the agreement we contact you when your Service is due and send our experienced technicians out to carry out the Service and inspect your Units at your set intervals.


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